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Kajo Triathlon is operating as a subsidiary chapter of sports club Valkeala Kajo. Kajo Triathlon's focus is on competional activities of Finnish Triathlon Association and its member clubs. 

The chapter organizes competition and fitness triathlon both nationally and internationally. Chapter members compete in the general, age group and fitness series.


The different competition modes of triathlon require varying abilities from athletes from speed to endurance. Triathlon competitions are arranged as individual races and relays or team modes. Other classes of triathlon races include duathlon, aquathlon, swimrun, cross country triathlon and winter triathlon 

  • SPRINT = 750 m + 20 km + 5 km
  • OLYMPIC = 1,5 km + 40 km + 10 km
  • HALF DISTANCE/HALF IRONMAN = 1,9 km + 90 km + 21,1 km
  • FULL DISTANCE/FULL IRONMAN = 3,8 km + 180 km + 42,2 km

Succeeding on any distance of triathlon races is always the combined sum of one exceeding oneself, long-term training and rehearsals, coaching, proper nutrition and hydration and finally the performance on the race day.

Athletes train mainly individually with their personal coaches. Chapter and club is not providing training programs or personalized coaching for members.

To support the individual training chapter organizes team exercises on weekly basis. The model for weekly team exercises is all athletes practice according to their individual goals and fitness levels adjusting the exercise structure based on their needs - for example by varying the distances or laps during the exercise.

Winter season exercises are organized 2-3 times per week with 1-2 swimming exercises and 1 muscle strength, running technique training exercise. The exercises are organized in Valkealatalo sportcenter, Kouvola swimming arenas and Lumon HockeyArena as well as using the outdoor and cross country skiing opportunities. 

During the summer season there are no regular organized team exercises but any team exercises are agreed on an ad-hoc basis using chapter Facebook and MyClub spaces. Agreed team exercises vary from open water swims to various switch exercises on agreed places. 

Chapter currently has on Finnish Triathlon Associations trained Class1 coach, who mainly coordinates the chapter team exercises. Team exercises are lead by the coach or specially agreed instructor. The team exercises are agreed approximately one month in advance to align team and individual exercises.

Team exercises are listed in valkealankajo.myclub-service where members need to signup in advance to exercises where they intend to participate. Based on the signed participants the exercises are planned accordingly.

If you are considering on starting triathlon training or you are switching from other sports - you might want to make sure you have the basics in freestyle swimming.

Anyone interested on the triathlon in general or to become a Kajo Triathlon member - use email or reach out chapter members while seeing them exercising across Kouvola.

There will be possibilities to get to know triathlon during separately agreed swim and or running exercises. You can also just join the chapter via Valkeala Kajo member registry at: